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Tips & tricks to reduce your waste

Do you use Tetra Pak?

There's finally a solution (or similar containers)

  • Collect
  • Open
  • wash/clean dry
  • leave lids on
  • store till you have a large number

I will then do a collection date, and you can deliver them to my place, and a guy from Tetra Pak will collect them.They are creating machine which will press all the containers and create them into building materials.Individuals and businesses can be involved. 

Amazing business/cafes who are onboard with the Tetra Pak collection already

Stop these items going to landfill and in the process, help a charity!

Unsure what to recycle?

Learn more about Recycling 

Check out to learn more about what you can and can't recycle in New Zealand. You can search any item within your household and it will show you which bin those goods are perfect for. 

Different types of Recycling 

  • Glass 
  • Food Scrapes 
  • Mixed Recycling Eg: Cardboard 

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So Far we have completed 5 clean-up runs around the community, and have managed to clean up and remove more than 5 tonnes of different waste within our streams, gullies, rivers, streets, etc...

Every little effort counts for creating something bigger!


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